Let’s Talk Bookish: Owning Books + Bookish Merch

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, created and hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts. You can check out more about this meme here!

Today’s topic is about owning books and bookish merch. As an avid book lover, I’m so excited for this week’s discussion!


I have a very Type A personality when it comes to organization, so my bookshelves are sorted in alphabetical order by author. Before #bookstagram existed, I didn’t even realize there were other ways to shelve books. I’ve seen people sort their books by color and it looks so cool! I’ve also read that some people organize books by genre then author. I guess I was always under the naive assumption that everyone had their bookshelves sorted by alphabetical order like me 😅 So now I’m super curious how other people shelve their books!


IMG_8532I used to always buy hardcovers of books, but I have to be honest: paperbacks just look so good lined up together on the bookshelf! I have a tendency to buy hardcovers for books I really loved, and if I buy a hardcover for the first book in a series, then I always make sure to buy hardcovers for the rest of the series as well so they match. The only downside to hardcovers? The price. I really wish paperbacks were released the same time as their hardcover counterparts. I would buy a lot more books when at their release dates if their paperbacks were also available.


IMG_20200420_153726_178_2I definitely will buy multiple editions of my favorite books. For instance, I own four different editions of Strange the Dreamer. Another one of my favorite books is City of Brass, so of course I had to buy the Goldsboro editions of those books when they were available! And then there’s my three different editions of The Folk of the Air series (four, if you count the FairyLoot editions that have yet to come out that I will definitely be buying). Past me would never have thought to buy more than one edition of the same book, but now there are so many pretty editions of my favorite books that my self-control is at an all-time low.


Let me just tell you: I am obsessed with bookish candles. I have so many that I started to run out of space for them all and that’s when I realized…I should probably start using some of them (to make room for more, of course). I can’t help, they’re just so pretty! And I love having the candles to match my favorite books and line the bookshelves. I also really love pins! I put all of my bookish pins on the bag I use for BookExpo/BookCon and get so many compliments when walking around 😊 I’m almost out of room on the back though, so now I’ll have to find another place to put them all!

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