REVIEW: Sky in the Deep – Adrienne Young (ARC)

34726469Title: Sky in the Deep
Author: Adrienne Young
Rating: ★★★★★

ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

Vegr yfir fior. Honor above life.”

I am going to attempt to write a coherent review but I don’t know if I can even put into words how much I loved this book. This is exactly everything I want in a story. I read the entire thing in one sitting because it was that amazing and I couldn’t put it down; this is is the kind of book that reminds me of why I love reading. 

Sky in the Deep is a stunning debut by Adrienne Young, whose talented writing and gorgeous storytelling is showcased clearly. She has done a fantastic job creating a wonderful world full of complex characters. The dynamic relationships between the characters is one of the best features of the book; they were capable of evoking emotions in a meaningful and achingly real way. The relationship between Eelyn and her brother, Iri, is one of the most poignant and best written portrayals that I’ve ever read. I felt all of her anger, love, confusion, heartbreak, and betrayal alongside her. Eelyn was such a strong, brave, determined heroine and it was very easy to empathize with her. The characters and their personal stories and struggles are what truly captivated me. 

Ǫnd eldr. Breathe fire.”

From the very beginning, the story is full of action and adventure. The Viking-inspired setting and descriptions are written so vividly that I could easily feel myself immersed in the story. This book bypassed every expectation I had, and then some. It has become one of my favorite books and I know it will have a lasting impression in the future.

Sky in the Deep is a outstanding book by a debut author. Everything was executed perfectly to created a breathtaking, emotional story full of grit and heart. Please do yourselves a favor and add this book to your TBR. You will not be disappointed.

P.S. check out Adrienne Young’s amazing playlist inspired by the book, which I totally listened while writing this review (although personally, I had the song Trøllabundin stuck in my head the entire time I was reading).

WWW Wednesday #3

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The Ship Beyond Time (The Girl From Everywhere #2) by Heidi Heilig




Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. IT WAS COMPLETELY AMAZING. Everyone needs to add this book to their TBR! It’s only February and I already know it will be one of my favorite books of the year. 



Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Marsh

#ARCstravaganza: Blood of a Thousand Stars – Rhoda Belleza

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Blood of a Thousand Stars – Rhoda Belleza


About the Book

34448985Title: Blood of a Thousand Stars (Empress of a Thousand Skies #2)
Author: Rhoda Belleza
Release: February 20, 2018

With a revolution brewing, Rhee is faced with a choice: make a deal with her enemy, Nero, or denounce him and risk losing her crown.

Framed assassin Alyosha has one goal in mind: kill Nero. But to get his revenge, Aly may have to travel back to the very place he thought he’d left forever—home.

Kara knows that a single piece of technology located on the uninhabitable planet Wraeta may be the key to remembering—and erasing—the princess she once was.

Villainous media star Nero is out for blood, and he’ll go to any means necessary to control the galaxy. Vicious politics and high-stakes action culminate in an epic showdown that will determine the fate of the universe.

 Have you guys read the first book in this series? Has anyone received any ARCs they’re super excited about? Let me know in the comments!

REVIEW: The Traitor’s Game – Jennifer A. Nielsen (ARC)

35238069Title: The Traitor’s Game (The Traitor’s Game #1)
Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
Rating: ★★★

ARC provided by the publisher through a giveaway.

This cover is absolutely gorgeous and even prettier in person. I’ve never read Jennifer A. Nielsen’s The False Prince series, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it so I was intrigued when I saw the blurb for her newest book.

The Traitor’s Game was very similar to many other books in the YA fantasy genre. It was full of all of the same cliches and tropes, down to the somewhat predictable ending and romance. However, the book did manage to keep my attention and I never grew bored or impatient while reading, which is a huge plus. And although there was a bit of insta-love, the romance wasn’t overwhelming to the story and didn’t present much of an issue. I was also really glad that there was no love triangle, something that is way too common for this genre. Overall, it was a pleasant reading experience and I look forward to continuing the series!


REVIEW: To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo (ARC)

34499221Title: To Kill a Kingdom
Author: Alexandra Christo
Rating: ★★★★½

ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley. 

I needed zero convincing to read this story once I saw that it was about lethal sirens, arrogant princes, and PIRATES. To Kill a Kingdom is a loose retelling of The Little Mermaid, but way more awesome and vicious. 

Lira is a siren princess and unashamedly skilled at taking the hearts of human princes. I loved everything about her as a character: her sarcasm, her ruthlessness, her intelligence. We also have Elian, who is a charming, conceited pirate prince set on hunting sirens. When Elian and Lira’s lives are thrust together, the real fun begins. I breezed right through this book because it was just so entertaining! Alexandra Christo’s writing, setting, terrific pacing, and great characters all blended together seamlessly to create a stunning story. I loved the interactions and witty banter between Lira and Elian, and the slow build of their hate-to-love romance. My only complaint: that the book wasn’t longer.

To Kill a Kingdom is a plot-driven adventure – full of deadly sirens and pirate princes – that everyone should read. This is a spectacular debut book by Alexandra Christo and I can’t wait to read more from her in the future!