Hello! I’m Breanna and I live in Chicago. I have a BA in Psychology and I’m currently working towards getting my Masters in Physician Assistant studies. I work as a nurse assistant in the mother/baby unit at a major hospital and I absolutely love it. I have a (nearly) three year old Australian Shepherd named Reyna that I’m a little obsessed with, and I also have a one year old Husky, Balto. My interests include traveling, writing, and of course-reading.

I’ve been reading since I was a toddler and my love for books has only grown over the years. I’ve become the person my friends go to when they’re looking for something new to read or want an opinion on a book they’ve heard about. Honestly, nothing gives me more joy than to discuss books with my friends or to learn that they loved a book I recommended. I started my bookish social media campaign on Goodreads years ago and then decided to create this blog with the purpose of writing book reviews and spreading my joy for reading.

Thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy!

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