Top Ten Tuesday: Five Years of Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week, I decided to forgo the actually theme and do my own idea. Last year, I missed the week for Top Ten Tuesday Turns Ten but I absolutely loved Jana’s post and wanted too do something similar. This year marks my 5th year of participating in TTT so I decided to comment/update some of my Top Ten Tuesdays from the last five years!

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Historical Fiction (9/13/16)
For the most part, there’s not much I would change about this list. Most of these are still my favorite Historical Fiction books, however, there are a few that I would swap out to add From Ash and Sand, The Alice Network, and Salt to the Sea.

Top Ten Tuesday: Prettiest Books on My Bookshelf (1/24/17)
I’ve added so many books to my shelf in the four years since I wrote this #bibliophilelife. The UK edition of Uprooted is still one of the prettiest books I own.

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated 2017 Releases (5/30/17)
There are so many good books on this list! I ended up enjoying every book here, but Day of the Duchess was probably my favorite.

Top Ten Tuesday: 2018 Debuts (12/26/17)
Look back at this list is really interesting. On the one hand, a couple of these debuts that I was really looking forward to I ended up hating (Everless and The Hazel Wood). But it also features Sky in the Deep which not only became my favorite book of the year, but one of my favorite books ever. It’s also funny that A Court of Miracles was listed here because it didn’t actually end up releasing until 2020!

Top Ten Tuesday: Frequently Used Words in YA Fantasy Titles (4/24/18)
These words are still pretty popular, but looking back I don’t think they’ve been used as frequently in the past year or two.

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love to Meet (10/02/18)
What a fantastic list of authors! Since writing this post, I’ve gotten to meet Laini Taylor, Adrienne Young, and Leigh Bardugo. One of the most disappointing things about the cancellation of BookCon 2020/2021 and YALLFest 2020 was that I wasn’t able to go to any author events or signings. I’m really hoping YALLFest will be back this year and I can cross another author or two off my list 🤞🏼

Top Ten Tuesday: Backlist Books (11/06/18)
I wrote this as a push to read more backlisted books on my TBR in 2019. The only books I’ve ended up reading since writing this was The Alchemists of Loom, The Hating Game, and Roomies. Honestly, the only book on the list that I’m actually still interested in reading would be the Red Rising series.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Fanart (11/20/18)
These are still some of my favorite pieces of art. That Sansa remains of the most beautiful things I’ve seen created.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Couples in Books (02/12/19)
Again, most of these couples I wouldn’t change at all and remain my ultimate #ships. However, there are a few that I would swap out. For instance, as much as it pains me I would probably switch out the Emma/Julian and Will/Tessa tie for Cordelia and James. And since I’m huge Rin/Nezha trash, I would somehow work them into the list as well.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Love to See on Netflix (08/18/20)
Books being adapted into TV series/movies seems to be a big theme over the past year or so. Since writing this, I’ve learned that The Mediator series was optioned for Netflix 🙌🏼 I also heard a rumor that Dark Matter was possibly also going to be made into a movie but I can’t find much more information about that. Liane Moriarty’s Nine Perfect Strangers will be out on Hulu soon I’m maintaining hope that The Husband’s Secret will join her other books and be adapted as well in the near future!

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