#SixforSunday: Authors I’ll Always Read

I hope you all are having a great weekend! #SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by Steph @ A Little But a Lot. For this week’s theme, I decided to feature my favorite authors whose books I’ll always pick up. I’m always looking to try new authors and read debuts, but there’s just something extra special about diving into a new book by one of your favorite authors.

Laini’s writing is unparalleled in my opinion. She is such a fantastic storyteller and creates the most wonderful, imaginative stories. I’ve had the pleasure to meet her multiple times and I think almost every book I have by her has been signed. I’m really looking forward to her next book and I hope one is announced soon!

Favorite Book: Muse of Nightmares

Roshani is another author whose writing is absolutely beautiful and vivid. Every time I read one of her books I’m easily transported into the story. Her characters are always well-written and she excels at developing different dynamics between them. I’m so excited for The Bronzed Beasts to come out this year!

Favorite Book: A Crown of Wishes

I’ve called her the Boss-Queen of YA Fantasy and I stand by that title. I don’t think there is any book by her that I haven’t enjoyed and look forward to reading many more of her works in the future.

Favorite Book: Shadow and Bone

Kate Quinn is my absolute go-to for historical fiction. Her stories are always captivating and incredible. She does an amazing job weaving fiction with historical facts and I can always expect a story full of suspense, romance, heartbreak, and everything in-between.

Favorite Book: Mistress of Rome

Adrienne is newer favorite author, but I’m captivated by every story she tells. She’s obviously a very talented writer, creating complex characters and a world that readers can immerse themselves in. I love that we don’t have to wait a year between books and that Namesake will be out in the world soon!

Favorite Book: Sky in the Deep

Whenever someone mentions dabbling into historical romance, Tessa Dare is the author I throw at them. How much do I love her books? I’ve read them all. Yes, every. single. one. And as any historical romance fan knows, that is quite a lot of books.

Favorite Book: Do You Want to Start a Scandal? / Any Duchess Will Do

CLo are my go-to gals when I want a fun, sexy, witty contemporary romance. Every time I pick up one of their books, I know I’m about to have a great reading time. And while they aren’t all winners in my eyes, there’s not a single one that I haven’t at least enjoyed.

Favorite Book: Beautiful Player / Love and Other Words

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7 thoughts on “#SixforSunday: Authors I’ll Always Read

  1. I haven’t read a Tessa Dare book yet but I have a feeling once I do, I’ll be hooked! Also agree w/ Leigh Bardugo – I was a bit bored during King of Scars but still have SO much hope for the queen w/ Rule of Wolves! ♥

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    1. I actually didn’t read King of Scars (and don’t plan to) so I feel like a bad fan lol 🙈 I hope once you try a Tessa Dare book you fall in love with her stories like I have! 💕


  2. I love Tessa Dare (A duchess will do if a fav of mine) Leigh Bardugo is QUEEN and I recently discovered Adrienne Young and Roshani Chokshi and love them both!! great list!

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    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad you have discovered and are enjoying Adrienne Young and Roshani Chokshi, their books have special places in my heart! And Tess Dare is an absolute auto-buy author for me 😂

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