ARC REVIEW: The Deck of Omens – Christine Lynn Herman ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ½

52746973._SX318_SY475_Title: The Deck of Omens (The Devouring Gray #2)
Author: Christine Lynn Herman
Rating: ★★★½

Thank you to Disney-Hyperion for providing me with an ARC through NetGalley!

Last year, The Devouring Gray pulled me in with its atmospheric world and intriguing plot. I loved the Stranger Things Riverdale vibes and the air of mystery within the pages made for a dark, eerie read. The Deck of Omens follows suit with the strong writing and interesting plot to create the perfect finish to this duology.

What is this book about? The Deck of Omens picks up not too long after the end of the events of The Devouring Gray. In the aftermath of subduing the Beast, Justin, May, Isaac, Violet, and Harper are left to sort out their messy relationships. Just when they thought the worst was over, the veil between Four Paths and the Gray begins to thin and corruption spreads across town.

What did I like? I’ll admit that usually reading sequels a year or more after I read the first book can be a struggle. However, it was so incredibly easy to fall back into this world and remember everything and everyone from the previous book within the first few chapters. My biggest complaint in The Devouring Gray was that I didn’t feel connected to the characters. That was not an issue in this book! I was much more invested in these characters and it made such a difference when reading.

I love how realistic the author writes these characters and their relationships with each other and their families. Christine Lynn Herman perfectly captures the complicated nature of human relationships: the hurt, the acceptance, the hardships, and the easiness.

What didn’t I like? I’m not sure if this was just me, but everything felt very rushed and chaotic in The Deck of Omens. The stakes were raised and the urgency was turned up a notch, but reading this felt like a whirlwind. That did make it harder to enjoy as I felt like I was being rushed along and couldn’t savour the plot and story as much.

Overall thoughts: The Deck of Omens will definitely please anyone who enjoyed The Devouring Gray. The superb character development, subtle romance, and atmospheric writing make this an excellent sequel and a wonderful paranormal series!

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