Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2019

Is it just me or did February fly by? It’s probably just me because I’ve been so busy. In case you are wondering how nursing school is going, this month alone I had twelve exams 😅 Yes, TWELVE. Because of classes and work, you can see that I read way less this month than I usually do. I’ve also been feeling really unmotivated to read anything the last couple of weeks which I think is due to my lack of energy. Fingers crossed that I have a better reading month in March!

38714357A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY: When I first saw that this was a modern-day Beauty and the Beast retelling, I was super excited but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little unsure about it at first, but as I read on I ended up really enjoying it! The retelling was really unique and different and I look forward to the companion novel.  ★★★★

Waking Forest Leo Comps6APPROVED.inddTHE WAKING FOREST:
This had such an interesting premise, and the book itself was so atmospheric and eerie. The writing is something that readers are either going to love or hate. For myself, I found the beautiful prose and lush descriptions the perfect compliment to the two enchanting stories already being told. The way the author weaves two different stories together seamlessly made for a very unique story. ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.  [review]  ★★★½

3630062599 PERCENT MINE: I was so excited for this book, but ultimately I was left disappointed. I like the idea of the story but not the way in which it was executed. I think my biggest problem was Darcy, our protagonist. I really did not like her at all, and I had issues with the way she acted a few times. I also had trouble feeling the tension between Darcy and Tom. I was expecting a smart, steamy book full of angst and ended with a lukewarm story.  ★★★

GJFuiczsAN AFFAIR OF POISONS: I absolutely adored this book so much more than I thought I would. The first word that comes to mind when in describing this is fun. The writing is completely compelling and the fast-paced, interesting plot easily keeps the reader entertained. The plot is full of magic, murder scandals, and mayhem; all set in a historical French setting and based on real historical events (see: L’affaire des poisons). The story Addie Thorley has created is so imaginative and well-crafted. A lot of time, effort, and research went into creating this book and it easily shows.  ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.  ★★★★

30339493ISLE OF BLOOD AND STONE: This is definitely one of the most underhyped YA fantasies, and now I can say with the utmost certainty that it deserves way more recognition than it gets. It contained the perfect blend of adventure, mystery, hints of romance, and steady pacing to captivate me as a reader. The backstory and character histories were written in a way that it felt completely natural: I knew exactly what was going on without having piles of information dumped on me.  [review]  ★★★★

36230905LAST OF HER NAME: Okay, I was honestly not expecting to love this as much as I did (that seems to be the running theme). This was such a really fun and cool sci-fi story based on the story of Anastasia and the last Romanovs. There were a few plot twists that were totally unexpected and completely surprising which made the book even more entertaining!  ARC provided by the publisher.  ★★★★

Have you ever read a book and felt like you’ve read it before? That’s exactly how reading this book went for me. Unfortunately, it was nothing new. It followed many of the same tropes and cliches as half of the other YA fantasies out there. This is supposed to be a loose retelling of Goose Girl, but there aren’t many of those elements present, and I think it could have been written in a way that was much more compelling and interesting.  ARC provided by the publisher.  ★★★

LDPtoZvVBEWARE THE NIGHT:  I just felt so unmotivated to read this and completely uninvested in the plot, story, or characters.  ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.  DNF @ 42%




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10 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2019

  1. Ahh I’m sorry February was a stressful month for you, Breanna! You still read quite a lot though and seem to enjoy them 🙂 I’m curious about An Affair of Poisons, it’s been a while since I read a historical fiction. I have you’ll have a more relaxing March! ❤


  2. It’s so crazy that 8 books is a not so great reading month for you! I normally only read four a month lol. But congrats with nursing school, I hope your exams are going well and you have an even better March 🙂


  3. Oooh I’ve been hearing so many great things about A Curse So Dark and Lonely! I definitely want to give that one a try soon. And I’m so sorry to hear you had a stressful month! I hope things go better for you in March 🙂 Wishing you the best!


  4. wow 12 exams? How did you manage to handle that? its still amazing that you were able to get a large amount of reading done. Anything that’s a re-telling automatically grabs my attention so I am so eager to read a curse is so dark and lonely and the last of her name. I am so tempted to pick it up now because of your comments! You have a great review format btw! Nice job! 🙂

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