REVIEW: The Governess Game – Tessa Dare

36111620Title: The Governess Game (Girl Meets Duke #2)
Author: Tessa Dare
Rating: ★★★★½

“You are the worst example of false advertising. I was led to believe I was hiring a prim scold. Then I learn you’re remarkable and bold and interesting.”

I’m glad this met all the expectations I had going into it. Like all her books, The Governess Game was witty and funny and totally swoon-worthy. First of all, Tessa Dare is out here writing my dream life: meeting a handsome wealthy man at a bookstore and eventually falling in love? Where do I sign up, please?

Neither of the moved. Alex bit her lip. “We’re going to kiss instead, aren’t we?”
He caught her in his arms. “You’re damned right, we are.”

Tessa Dare always writes characters that I can relate to, and this was no exception. Alex is the perfect heroine, and I’m convinced we are the same person:

  • Has an obsession with astronomy.
  • Frequents bookstores.
  • Runs into a hot guy once and spends months fantasizing about him.

In all seriousness, I really adored Alex. The chemistry between her and Chase was smoldering and they were such an excellent match for one another. I also really loved her interactions with Rosamund and Daisy, and the tight-knit bonds they created with one another. Speaking of which, the girls were a delight to read about! Their antics and behaviors definitely had me laughing, even has I imagined the frustration both Alex and Chase must have been feeling at times.

As I anticipated, I was not disappointed by The Governess Game. Tessa Dare continues to be one of my favorite writers, and my go-to author when I want to pick up or recommend a historical romance. Her stories are always charming, laugh-out-loud funny, and most of all, heartwarming. There is so much to love about this book, and if you’re a fan of light-hearted historical romances like me, I would definitely recommend this!

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