REVIEW: Whisper of the Tide – Sarah Tolcser (ARC)

36134048Title: Whisper of the Tide (Song of the Current #2)
Author: Sarah Tolcser
Rating: ★★★★

ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

“You had to know what you wanted – but knowing wasn’t enough. You had to be willing to fight for it. To be so strong even the sea could not defy you. That is how strong we must be, to keep the things we love.”

This was such a fun sequel and the perfect ending to the series! I really enjoyed Song of the Current and I think it’s such a shame that these books don’t have more popularity. I really hope more people decide to read this series, because they are full entertainment!

“Doing the right thing had made me miserable. I’d already resolved to never do it again.”

Whisper of the Tide was just as action-packed and thrilling as the first book. There are so many things about this book to love: pirates, treasure hunts, female friendships, adventures. There were even some elements of the book that reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean and that made me enjoy it even more! Caro remains unapologetically herself, and love how she continues to grow as a character. Her relationship with Markos also grows and matures, which is very refreshing to read in a young adult book. The plot was fast-moving, the world-building remains excellent, and the writing as just as compelling as Song of the Current. I wish this was more than a duology; I would have loved to be back in this world for a third book!

Whisper of the Tide was a great ending to an entertaining series full of sea adventures, pirates, assassins, sea/river deities, and fun characters! If you enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean and books like Daughter of the Pirate King, then I would definitely suggest reading these books! They’re totally underrated and need more love from the bookish community. 

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