REVIEW: LIFEL1K3 – Jay Kristoff (ARC)

29456569Title: LIFEL1K3 (Lifelike #1)
Author: Jay Kristoff
Rating: ★★★★★

ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

In typical Jay Kristoff fashion, LIFEL1K3 delivered one hell of ride. It took me a while to put into words how blown away I felt by this book without rambling incoherently. Set in a post-apocalyptic America, the blurb’s description of “Romeo and Juliet meets Bladerunner meets Mad Max” is absolutely accurate. LIFEL1K3 is an action-packed story featuring amazing characters, secrets and lies, betrayals, romance, and a whole bunch of plot twists.

This book has such a fun cast of characters! Besides a sassy sidekick named Cricket and Kaiser, a lovable cyborg-dog, there’s also Lemon Fresh, Eve’s best friend. I loved her wittisms and jokes, and her friendship with Eve is so amazing. The only complaint I had was that while I liked her as a character, I really could have gone without her POV. Then there’s Ezekiel, the Lifelike Eve and Lemon Fresh stumbleupon. I may or may not be slightly in love with that loyal, sweet cinnamon roll of an android. Jay Kristoff forewarned us of a doomed romance, and yet I couldn’t stop myself from becoming emotionally involved. I’m still upset about that ending and I think it’s pretty rude of him to pull that kind of stunt with no regard for my emotional wellbeing. 

One of the best parts about LIFEL1K3, besides the non-stop action, is that the book constantly keeps you guessing from all the twists and reveals. I really should have seen it coming because of who the author is, but that last revelation just about damn near killed me. I went through all five stages of grief with that twist and the cliffhanger. This was such a fun and entertaining read and I have no idea how I’ll make it until the sequel!

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