REVIEW – A Treacherous Curse – Deanna Raybourn (ARC)

26244626Title: A Treacherous Curse (Veronica Speedwell #3)
Author: Deanna Raybourn
Rating: ★★★★

ARC received through NetGalley.

Let me start by saying that I am so in love with this series. I won’t lie: I squealed a little when I found out that I was actually approved for an advanced copy of the book (my hopes were not high). #blessed

A Treacherous Curse is the third installment of the Veronica Speedwell series and it was just as amazing as the previous books. Veronica is such a lovely, intelligent protagonist and I love her character, but I was very pleased that this book we finally get to find out more about Stoker and his dark, mysterious past and learn what happened with the infamous Caroline and the dissolution of their marriage. Like before, we follow Veronica and Stoker on quite an adventure as they attempt to solve the latest murder mystery. 

One of the things I like the most about these books is that I can never solve the puzzle before the characters. It’s completely frustrating on my half, but entirely satisfying that I remain just as much in the dark as Veronica. It makes my enjoyment of reading that much more exciting and thrilling, especially since the plot is never straightforward or predictable.

As always, the interactions between Veronica and Stoker are seriously one of the best parts of these books. The snark, the banter, the understanding, the loyalty, the chemistry; it all shows just how perfectly they compliment one another. They have such a unique bond – the underlying sexual/romantic tension is clear as day – and I’m WAITING FOR THEM TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, DAMMIT. I’m all for a good slow burn but enough is enough already!

If you like murder mysteries, Victorian-era England, a slow burn romance, and a smart, witty protagonist, you should definitely check out this series. A Treacherous Curse is the third book and it did not let me down! I’m so excited for the rest of this series. The only unfortunate thing is that since I read this early, now I have to wait even longer for the next one. Boo.

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