Top Ten Tuesday: Book Boyfriends

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme features our top book boyfriends/girlfriends. You guys would not believe how excited I was when I saw this topic! I think it’s safe to say we all have those characters when reading that give us butterflies. And as I was putting my list together, it was easy to see that I definitely have a ~type~ when it comes to book boyfriends!

1. CHAOL WESTFALL from Throne of Glass
I’m a proud member of the #chaoldefensesquad. Most of the fandom for this series hates Chaol unnecessarily and it’s both frustrating and heartbreaking. He will always be my favorite character and the destruction of his character arc is one of the main reasons I stopped reading the series.

2. MAYLEN ORETSEV from Shadow and Bone
Another favorite character that is completely undeserving of all the hate he gets. Mal is honorable, loyal, brave, kind…I could go on and on and on about him. If I could choose any book character in the world to bring to life to be my IRL boyfriend it would be Mal, without a single doubt. (Btw, has anyone invented a way to do this yet? For science purposes, of course.)

3. PETER KAVINSKY from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
Okay, Peter Kavinsky is the best boyfriend in the world and no one can convince me otherwise. Every time he came on page I got butterflies in my stomach and I swooned hard. It’s so sweet and loyal and I’m not saying I’m jealous of a fictional character but…Lara Jean, you don’t know how good you have it. 

4. JULIAN BLACKTHORN from The Dark Artifices
Julian now reigns as my favorite character from the Shadowhunter world (I’m so sorry Will, you’ve been replaced as #1). His love and dedication to both his family and Emma is so pure. He’s gentle, patient, sweet, and completely swoonworthy-making me wonder when I’ll find myself a Julian. 

5. MATTHIAS HELVAR from Six of Crows
I’m not crying, you’re crying. I don’t know what I did to be personally attacked by Leigh Bardugo like this. Matthias’ character arc through these two books is so wonderful. I’m still not over the ending, although I guess since I technically never finished the book, it never really happened, right?

6. WILL HERONDALE from The Infernal Devices
With his wit and humor, love for reading, never-ending sarcasm, and selfless dedication to those he cares about, I’m certain Will Herondale was written out of my dreams. 

7. LUKA LOWE from Wolf By Wolf
Another wonderful character with a beautiful and tragic character arc. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t planning to name my first son Luka after him. The love for him is real, guys. 

8. CARSWELL THORNE from The Lunar Chronicles
I know most of my book boyfriends follow the same archetype: serious, loyal, honorable, etc. but Carswell Thorne is most like the type of guys I find attractive in real life. He’s charming, sarcastic, deviant, and a little cocky…basically the total opposite of everyone else on this list lol. 

9. JOSH MITCHELL from I’ll Meet You there
Josh is the only character on here from a standalone, so that really says something about him if I was willing to love him so much in such a short amount of page time! 

10. JON SNOW from A Song of Ice and Fire
Okay, I’m cheating. Technically, I haven’t actually read these books (yet) but I love Jon from the tv show and from what little I’ve seen and read from the books, I know I’ll love book just as much, if not more.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Boyfriends

  1. I flipping love Will. I mean, I love Jem more. But Will was pretty good. I also love Julian Blackthorn. Literally, he tears my heart apart. But I’m also a bit worried about his wild, scheming side.

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  2. Julian is so popular this week. I’ve seen him on so many lists. I wouldn’t mind Julian as a Best Friend, but I’ve definitely got more of a thing for his Half Brother ❤

    Check out my Top 10 Book Boyfriends HERE

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    1. Mark Blackthorn has definitely caused some heart flutters for me too! I think I could make a book boyfriends list just from the Shadowhunters world alone!


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