REVIEW: From Ash and Sand – Amy Harmon

27343696Title: From Ash and Sand
Author: Amy Harmon
Rating: ★★★★★

“When this war is over, I will be yours, first, last, and always. And you will be mine.”

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, and after the wonderful experience I had reading The Bird and the Sword, I knew I was going to pick this up and try it. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. Amy Harmon weaves a stunning, heart-wrenching, beautiful story that will stay with me always.

 Amy Harmon proves once again how talented of an author she is. Her writing is wonderful and engaging, drawing you into the story from the very beginning and never letting you go. Since I had just read The Bird and the Sword, I was very impressed at how well she was able to portray a completely different tone and feel for From Ash and Sand  that was more suitable for the genre and the story that she wanted to tell. It’s a talent that very few authors possess. 

“I have always been yours Angelo.” she said, echoing the very words he’d thought while he prayed. She was his. “But you have never been mine.”

The plot was exciting and captivating and I just could not stop reading. The author creates a very realistic portrayal of World War II and I felt the anger, terror, and loss along with the characters. The love story between Eva and Angelo was completely beautiful and heartbreaking. From the first couple of chapters I knew reading about them was going to hurt, but in the best way. It was impossible not to root for the two of them and hope for the happy ending they deserved. WWII books generally have a bittersweet ending, due to the nature of the war, and I was fully prepared for this to be the same way. Thankfully, I was content and happy with how the book ended things. 

“But in a room in an occupied city, with nothing left but love itself, Eva and Angelo held to each other, and found peace, rest, happiness, and safety. If only for a while.”

Amy Harmon is a fantastic storyteller and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. From Ash and Sand is a painfully beautiful story full of romance, action, sacrifice, and love. An outstanding book that I would highly recommend to anyone!

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