Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2016

Once again, I’m disappointed by the number of books I read and reviewed this month, as well as my lacking number of posts. According to my Goodreads Challenge I’m three books behind schedule. Yikes! I can’t remember ever being behind one book, let alone three! To be fair, for the first two weeks I was busy on vacation. And the last two weeks things were hectic at work. It was almost two hundred deliveries for only two weeks. Y’all need to be more careful this Christmas/New Years! 😜 


30258320GILDED CAGE: Unfortunately, I was not as blown away by this book as everyone seemed to be. The premise is really interesting and I think it could have been great, but I had too many issues with the multiple POVs, the “romance”, and the fact one of the characters who was supposed to be a main protagonist had only a couple of chapters. The actual story that I read was much, much different than I was expecting based on the synopsis. ARC received through NetGalley. ★★★ [review]

This is not a book everyone will enjoy, but it was right up my alley. It’s full of drama, juicy gossip, complex characters and relationships, and a tangled web of lies and scandalous secrets. Not to mention a mysterious death which we are given a glimpse of in the prologue. The build up to the final reveal was suspenseful and climatic and I can’t wait to read the sequel. 
★★★★ [review]


19314543GAMBIT: Gambit was everything that Gilded Cage wasn’t. Dystopian books are popular in YA right now but this one stood out so much. An intriguing plot, great characters, wonderful world building, and fantastic writing. The only negative thing I have to say is that there’s no news or expected release date for the sequel! ★★★★ 


17333174MAGIC BINDS: 
You can never go wrong with a Kate Daniels book. It felt nice to be back in the world that I love so dearly. There wasn’t much going on in this one, however, but with the next one being the last I’m excited for what’s going to come. ★★★



28512486FROST LIKE NIGHT: A good conclusion to a good series! Ice Like Fire was a bit lacking for me, but my excitement for the series picked up again in this book. While I’m not blown away by the series, I do really enjoy them and I thought this was a perfect end to the trilogy! ★★★★


Okay, technically I haven’t finished this yet, but since I only have one chapter left I’m counting it. Lone Survivor is a brilliant book about bravery and perseverance in the face of adversity. I love reading military memoirs and this is by far one of my favorites. Because Marcus Luttrell is a soldier, not an author, the book reads as if he is sitting down telling you a story over a cold beer. I was totally entranced and I absolutely loved it. ★★★★[review]



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