REVIEW: Furyborn – Claire Legrand (ARC)

34323570.jpgTitle: Furyborn (Empirium #1)
Author: Claire Legrand
Rating: ★★★★

ARC provided by the publisher. 

Once again, I’m annoyed with myself for the procrastination of reading a book that I would later end up really enjoying. There were so many elements about this that I absolutely loved: the characters, the writing, the plots. Furyborn is an excellent start to an exciting trilogy that I look forward to reading.

From the prologue, I was completely hooked by the story. It not only connects the stories of the two protagonists, Rielle and Eliana, but also gives a glimpse to how one of those stories will end up unfolding by the time the series is over. Furyborn is written in alternating chapters narrated by Rielle and Eliana, whose timelines are separated by a thousand years. Each of their POVs were action-packed and thrilling. I rushed through the pages in an effort to know what would happen next to both Rielle and Eliana. I also loved the fact that we’re told from the very beginning who the Blood Queen is. It made reading her chapters all the more fascinating; we follow her growth and become invested in her story, all the while knowing how it will end.

There are a lot of things about Furyborn that I believe will others will enjoy as much as I did: great writing, wonderful characters, intriguing plots and action-packed chapters. The alternating POVs and verging storylines blend together expertly to create a highly entertaining story. I can’t wait to continue with the rest of the series!

REVIEW: Whisper of the Tide – Sarah Tolcser (ARC)

36134048Title: Whisper of the Tide (Song of the Current #2)
Author: Sarah Tolcser
Rating: ★★★★

ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

“You had to know what you wanted – but knowing wasn’t enough. You had to be willing to fight for it. To be so strong even the sea could not defy you. That is how strong we must be, to keep the things we love.”

This was such a fun sequel and the perfect ending to the series! I really enjoyed Song of the Current and I think it’s such a shame that these books don’t have more popularity. I really hope more people decide to read this series, because they are full entertainment!

“Doing the right thing had made me miserable. I’d already resolved to never do it again.”

Whisper of the Tide was just as action-packed and thrilling as the first book. There are so many things about this book to love: pirates, treasure hunts, female friendships, adventures. There were even some elements of the book that reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean and that made me enjoy it even more! Caro remains unapologetically herself, and love how she continues to grow as a character. Her relationship with Markos also grows and matures, which is very refreshing to read in a young adult book. The plot was fast-moving, the world-building remains excellent, and the writing as just as compelling as Song of the Current. I wish this was more than a duology; I would have loved to be back in this world for a third book!

Whisper of the Tide was a great ending to an entertaining series full of sea adventures, pirates, assassins, sea/river deities, and fun characters! If you enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean and books like Daughter of the Pirate King, then I would definitely suggest reading these books! They’re totally underrated and need more love from the bookish community. 

REVIEW: The Oddling Prince – Nancy Springer (ARC)

36365200Title: The Oddling Prince
Author: Nancy Springer
Rating: ★★★

ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

I absolutely love book with medieval Irish (or in this case Scottish) settings and Celtic mythology so I was really looking forward to this. The Oddling Prince is a light read with a fascinating plot, but sadly there was just something missing for me to truly enjoy it.

The book’s strongest element is the fairytale-esque writing. The gorgeous descriptions and peaceful atmosphere draws the reader into the story. Coupled with the fact that the book is not that long, The Oddling Prince was an easy to get through. Another aspect that I liked was the relationship between Aric and Albaric: their newfound friendship was so pure and heartwarming. The ending, however, was…something. I didn’t necessarily dislike it, I’m just still not sure how I feel about it? The Oddling Prince is a whimsical, interesting story, but I think there were certain things missing that unfortunately didn’t allow me to enjoy it as much as I had hoped. 

#ARCstravaganza: Whisper of the Tide – Sarah Tolcser

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About the Book

36134048Title: Whisper of the Tide (Song of the Current #2)
Author: Sarah Tolcser
Release: June 5, 2018

Caro has settled into a routine: Wake, eat breakfast, try to figure out who is going attempt to assassinate Markos today. The currents aren’t exactly calm. Markos is in constant danger, and his claim to the Akhaian throne is largely unsupported. Without military strength he doesn’t have a chance. Relief appears on the horizon when a powerful Archon wants to side with Markos in his fight for the throne. But in exchange for an army, Markos must marry the Archon’s daughter. They must decide which is more important: their love for each other or the fate of Akhaia. And Caro will have to decide if her destiny is to sail with the tide, or chart her own course.

With shipwrecks, lost treasure, old and new enemies, dark magic, and devastating romance, Sarah Tolcser weaves another epic story about chasing fate.


REVIEW: Onyx and Ivory – Mindee Arnett (ARC)

34739766Title: Onyx and Ivory (Onyx and Ivory #1)
Author: Mindee Arnett
Rating: ★★★★

ARC provided by the author through a giveaway.

I’ve been reading a lot of Young Adult Fantasy lately, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feel a bit of apprehension going into this. The other books I had read in this genre I ended up enjoying and I was worried I was going to compare this to them and find it lacking. I’ll admit that Onyx and Ivory does contain many of the same traits and tropes as other books in the genre, however, the characters, setting, and writing were excellent and made it an enjoyable read!

The worldbuilding was well-written, and I look forward to it continuing to develop in the next book. The concept of Nightdrakes – flightless dragons that terrorize the people, forcing them to live in walled cities protected by magic – was really interesting to read about. I also loved the idea of the uror trials; the rituals that determine who will rule next in Norgard. I can’t wait for the culmination of the trials in the next book, as Corwin and Edwin fight for the crown. 

The characters were all dynamic and compelling. The book alternates between the POVs of Kate and Corwin, and I found both their characters to be well-developed. I also just want to make a point that Kate is slightly older than most YA heroines tend to be, which is something we don’t see too often! The romance was wonderfully written. The romance plot is light and the characters have a past, which makes their rekindling feelings reasonable instead of unbelievable. There was also a great deal of communication between Corwin and Kate which, sadly, tends not to be the norm in YA books. It was great to see Kate put her trust in Corwin and have him respond in the way we should expect the love interest to: with reassurance, continued support, and love. In any other YA Fantasy, this might have gone differently, simply to add drama to the story, but I’m glad the author decided no to go down that route.

Onyx and Ivory was a great start to a new Young Adult Fantasy series (duology, maybe?) and I look forward to reading the next book. Some of the plot may seem similar to other books in the genre, but the character and writing make up for it, and the book definitely held my attention the entire time!