Books with a Halloween Vibe

Happy Halloween! 🎃 In honor of the holiday, I put together a list of some books that have the perfect vibe for a little Halloween reading.

If you’re looking for a book featuring WITCHES:


If you’re looking for a book featuring MONSTERS:

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If you’re looking for a book featuring VAMPIRES:

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If you’re looking for a book featuring GHOSTS:

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If you’re looking for a book featuring the UNDEAD:

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If you’re looking for a book featuring NECROMANCY:

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If you’re looking for a book featuring ANGELS and DEMONS:

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If you’re looking for a book featuring a PARANORMAL setting:

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#SixforSunday: Witchy Books

I hope you all are having a great weekend! #SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by Steph @ A Little But a Lot. This week’s theme is books featuring witches in honor of Halloween. A love a good paranormal book so this list was super fun to put together!

This is one of my favorite adult paranormal series. It has a great mix of history, magic, witchcraft, vampires, demons, and all sorts of other fun elements. I really loved following the main character, Diana, as she is thrust into the supernatural world. 


This book was an enchanting gothic, historical novel that had me hooked from the beginning. The setting was very atmospheric and made it the perfect October read. The best way to describe this would be Jane Austen meets witchcraft and eerie paranormal activity.  I definitely recommend this for anyone that wants a spooky period drama to read!

400241393. SERPENT & DOVE
I cannot gush about this book enough. First of all, the enemies-to-love fake marriage trope was amazing. I also really loved all the drama and enmity between the church and the witches. The author did an amazing job crafting and describing the society and the magical system in a way that was realistic and believable. The sequel is one of my most anticipated reads for next year!

352973944. THE WICKED DEEP
This is one of most atmospheric books I’ve ever read. It was a totally captivating story with a slightly creepy quality that made it both unique and thrilling. The plot was super intriguing and the end had a good twist that complicated a lot of things for the characters. While I absolutely hated one part of the book, the rest was so expertly crafted and had the spooky quality perfect for the Halloween season.

300954645. THE BONE WITCH
I haven’t actually read this series yet, but there on my TBR when I have more free time and I have heard such good things about them. Tea is a witch with a gift for necromancy, and after raising her brother from the dead, her gifts make her feared and ostracized amongst the other witches in her community. 

This is another book I haven’t read, but have heard a lot of great things about. The premise of this story is the main character, Alex, is a bruja who accidently performs a spell that causes her family to disappear, and so she must travel to the in-between world to bring them back.