A Year in Review | 2020 Reading Stats

Hello Everyone! I think we were all relieved to see 2020 end. This is the first year I’ll be doing a survey of my reading stats and I’m really excited to look back at all the reading I did. I read significantly less than I have in the past years but I noticed I focused a lot more of reading what I wanted to read, instead of what I felt like I had to.


PAGES READ: 39,368

LONGEST BOOK: 766 pages

SHORTEST BOOK: 267 pages


I’m really not surprised my most popular genre is fantasy. However, my goal was to read more diversely across the genres so in that aspect I’m actually pretty happy that it was less than 50%. Contemporary romance is my next most read genre which makes total sense considering I’ve really gotten into reading those books in the past few years.

I’m so happy with my stats for this! In past years, I would bet the majority of my reading was Young Adult books. In the last year I’ve not only felt that I’ve begun to grow out of YA, but I really wanted to explore more adult books in genres I love. I’m hoping to continue this trend into 2021 as well!

Unsurprisingly, I read mostly e-books on my Kindle. Although, I do believe I read more physical books this year than previously and I made a more of a conscious effort to read the hard copies of books I already owned. My goal for this year is to increase that number to 25%!

I will say that I’m really impressed with the amount of backlisted titles I was able to read this year. And I cannot believe half of all the books I read last year were ARCs. That seems like such an absurdly large number!

I’m looking forward to another year of reading some wonderful books and I can’t wait to see how my stats compare at the end of 2021!

Celebrating 900 Followers: Book Depository Giveaway!! 🎉

Hello everyone! As promised, in celebration of reaching 900 followers on my blog, I will hosting a giveaway! I’m so thankful for each and every person who likes my content enough to follow me and for all the friends I’ve made in this community. I love interacting with you all and you make being a book blogger absolutely worth it!

One winner will be able to choose a book up to $25 USD at Book Depository. This giveaway is international (as long as BD delivers to you). The giveaway will run throughout the rest of the month of August and a winner will be chosen and contacted once it ends.

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2020 Book Blogger Awards – Nominations

Hello everyone! It’s time for The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards! The awards are hosted by May @ Forever and Everly and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books. This will be my first year participating by both nominating blogs and voting for them! I saw the Book Blogger Awards for the first time last year after the winner’s were announced and was bummed that I not only didn’t even know they existed, but that I had missed out in the voting! I love being apart of the blogging community and I’m looking forward to the chance to uplift some fellow bloggers! You can learn more about the award categories and the rules for nominations here!

Today I will be casting my nominations for The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards!


Another Book in the Wall (Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger 13-19)
The Bookish Chick (Best Adult Book Blogger 20+)
Shelf Life Chronicles (Best Adult Book Blogger 20+)


Confessions of a YA Reader (Young Adult)
A Little But A Lot (Middle Grade or Younger)
Novels and Notions (New Adult/Adult)
Novel Notions (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Nut Free Nerd (Literary Fiction/Classics/Poetry)


Nilufer Ozmelik (Best Book Reviews)
The Book Cover Girl (Best Book Reviews)
Pages & Plots (Best Book Recommendations)
Literary Lion (Best Discussion Posts)
Eternity Books (Best Discussion Posts)
The Contented Reader (Best Blog Aesthetic)


Reader Voracious (Most Helpful)
Forever and Everly (Most Engaged in the Community)
The Orangutan Librarian (Most Creative)
The Perks of Being Noura (Best Social Media Influencer)
Flavia the Bibliophile (Friendliest Member)
Reader Fox (Friendliest Member)
Read at Midnight (Best at Promoting Diverse Books)
Literary Leisha (Best at Promoting Diverse Books)


Half Wild Books
Vee Bookish


The Perks of Being Noura
A Book. A Thought.
Bookshelves & Paperbacks

5 Reasons Goodreads is the Worst

There’s been a lot of talk of migrating away from Goodreads lately, so I thought it would be the perfect time to finally finish this post I had been working on! I’ve been a member of Goodreads for 10 years and I love the site, but there are a lot of things that need to improved. And sadly, these are all issues that have been occurring for years and still nothing has been done about them. Here my top five gripes with Goodreads:

If anyone uses Goodreads, I don’t think I even need to explain myself. For a website owned by Amazon you would think the search bar would be user friendly. Why is it when I start typing a title, the book shows up, but if I type one more letter it disappears again? And why is it that many books that I have shelved/read don’t even show up in the search? Those should be the first ones to populate, followed by popularity. And I HATE that when I hit enter, it automatically selects the first option instead searching of whatever phrase I had typed.

The Goodreads app is one of the worst and with its popularity, it’s amazing the developers don’t care enough to fix it. It’s constantly down. I mean, constantly. And there never seems to be any rhyme or reason for when/why it crashes. If I’m reading reviews of a book, random reviews just won’t load. The app can work one minute and then go down the next. It’s so frustrating.

In this day and age of the internet, why do I still need to type <i> or <b> throughout my review to make something italicized or bold? Do you have any idea how long and tiresome it is to format one single review on Goodreads? Come on Goodreads, get your shit together.

This was supposed to be a temporary problem, but now it looks like it’s been made permanent. I’m still baffled as to why URLs are no longer allowed in the about me section of the profile. This is really unfortunate for me, and many other users, as I can no longer link to my Twitter/Instagram or display my NetGalley badges.

It doesn’t matter how many times I painstakingly proofread a review before posting. I will eventually read it months later and still find a grammar or spelling error. On the website, I can uncheck the box to keep the review from showing on the my feed if I go back to edit it. But on the app, it will show on my profile/home feed that I just finished reading that book. STOP IT. I just want to be able to edit my reviews as many times as needed without it reposting numerous times.

Goodreads is the worst, but I still love that website and it’s convenience for keep tracking of my books and books I want to read. There’s a lot of talk of switching over to BookSloth or Storygraph but I don’t see myself ever leaving Goodreads, especially since those alternative sites don’t seem to have the same function or capabilities as far as sorting books and shelving.

Do you use Goodreads? What aspects do you think need to be changed or fixed? Let’s chat in the comments!

ARC REVIEW: Sisters of Sword and Song – Rebecca Ross ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Title: Sisters of Sword and Song
Author: Rebecca Ross
Rating: ★★★★

Thank you to HarperTeen for providing me with an ARC!

Sisters of Sword and Song is a fantasy standalone set in world similar to Ancient Greece. It centers around two sisters, Evadne and Halcyon. Halcyon is a hoplite in the Queen’s army and Evadne has been waiting eight years to be reunited with her. However, when it revealed that Halcyon has killed someone, Evadne offers to take a portion of her sentence and serve in the Commander’s house.

Rebecca Ross’ writing is so beautiful. Her worldbuilding was creative and extremely well-done. Sisters of Sword and Song is set in a world based on Ancient Greece, but full of magic and a different mythology system. The worldbuilding in the book was thorough, yet simple and easily understood. It’s very fast-paced which made the story extremely enjoyable.

I really liked both Evadne and Halcyon and how the story was told through both their POVs. Each sister has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it was great to see them grow as characters throughout the story. I also thought the romance was perfectly executed. The slow-burn romance takes a backseat to the rest of the story; it’s subtle, very sweet, and I loved the hopefulness of the epilogue!

I’m always an advocate for more fantasy standalone novels, especially in the YA genre. Sisters of Sword and Song was a wonderfully crafted story about love, friendship, and fighting for good. If you’re looking for a exceptional fantasy story all wrapped up into one book, this is definitely the book for you!