Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2020 + Blog Hiatus

Hello everyone! I hope you all are staying safe and well during these times ✨ March has been an extremely stressful month for me. I can’t even remember the last time I read less than five books in a month.

Due to COVID-19, campus was closed for the rest of the semester and our clinicals were cancelled almost immediately following that decision. As classes moved to all online, it’s been really tough keeping up with the increased amount of work. On top of that, I broke my foot and have to be on crutches for the next 6 weeks, which means obviously I cannot be working during this time either. So between having my last semester of nursing school basically cancelled, having twice as much work to do, dealing with a broken bone, feeling down from being isolated from my friends and guilty that I can’t be at work during this time, and not having a pinning ceremony/graduation or BookExpo/BookCon to look forward to, I haven’t been reading or blogging at all. And I honestly don’t anticipate anything changing during April. Reading has always been my escape and it completely sucks that I don’t have time for it anymore, but I really want to finish my last semester as strong as I can and focus school and taking the NCLEX. I don’t want to be on hiatus, but it’s what’s best for me right now. ❤️

17699853CHAIN OF GOLD: I don’t often give books from The Shadowhunters Chronicles five stars, but when I do it’s THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. We get to meet James and Lucie Herondale, Christopher and Thomas Lightwood, and Matthew Fairchild, as well as some other important characters such as Cordelia Carstairs and Grace Blackthorn. Cassandra Clare has crafted the perfect recipe: the nostalgia of the Shadowhunter world, the return of favorite characters from past books, historical romance elements such as ballroom dancing and the marriage of convenience trope.  ★★★★★  [review]

35702241THE SHADOWS BETWEEN US: For some reason, this took be a long time to get into. I think at the beginning I really struggled with Alessandra’s character. I found her to be to be really immature and it was hard to read the chapters from her POV. As the story went on, she began to grew on me and it was easier to appreciate her brash, manipulative character. I also loved the romance between her and the Shadow King!  ★★★½

52776262._SX318_SY475_TIGERS, NOT DAUGHTERS: This was a really interesting thriller! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was approached with an opportunity to read an early copy, but I’m so glad I did. The story follows three sisters dealing with the aftermath of their sister’s death. The book definitely kept my attention and there was a creepy, spooky, haunting vibe to the story that really captivated me. I was under the impression that this was a standalone but Goodreads has it marked as part of a series? If so, I would definitely be interested in reading the follow up!  ★★★½

51086670THE HONEY-DON’T LIST: Such a heart-warming story! I’m a huge fan of Christina Lauren books so of course I had to read this as soon as it was released. This wasn’t my favorite of their books, but it was still really cute and fun to read! I feel like last couple of CL books I’ve read have been lighter on the romance than I’m used to. Carey and James were a great couple but I definitely would have liked to have explored their relationship more.  ★★★½


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