REVIEW: Nyxia – Scott Reintgen (ARC)

27426044.jpgTitle: Nyxia (The Nyxia Triad #1)
Author: Scott Reintgen
Rating: ★★★½

ARC received through NetGalley.

I’m always looking for more science fiction novels set in space and the synopsis for Nyxia sounded so intriguing. From the first chapter I was completely pulled into the story and had trouble putting it down. The competition between our main character, Emmett, and all the other recruits vying for a spot to go to Eden was full of tension and kept the plot moving at a fast pace. All the characters are diverse, complex, and interesting. I loved the way Scott Reintgen portrayed all the different ways relationships could evolve from that kind of environment: friends, enemies, allies, rivals, and everything in between. 

My only complaint would be that I had been expecting them to arrive to the new planet, Eden, but now I will be looking forward to reading the next book in the series to continue the adventure. Nyxia is an action-filled, science fiction book that will have you turning page after page!

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