REVIEW: Do You Want to Start a Scandal? – Tessa Dare

27067876Title: Do You Want to Start a Scandal? (Spindle Cove #5)
Author: Tessa Dare
Rating: ★★★★★

“You,” he said, “are the most unsettling creature I have ever met in my life. I have not felt settled since the moment we met.”

If you know me well or follow me on Goodreads, then you won’t be surprised to know that Tessa Dare tops my list of auto-buy authors. I don’t think there is a single book by her that I’ve read and haven’t liked. I was a bit worried my expectations were too high going into this, especially considering how much I loved the previous book in this series, but oh boy, does she ever prove me wrong. Once again, Tessa Dare delivers a delightful story that I simply could not put down. 

“I took you, because I wanted you.”
“In your bed.”
“In my life.”

Like all Tessa Dare and romance novels Do You Want to Start a Scandal? is a light-hearted, fun, witty, sexy read. It’s the type of book I read when I’m feeling too overwhelmed by all the others books I’m reading or have on my list to read. It’s a definite pick-me-upper. I loved watching the relationship bloom between Piers and Charlotte. Charlotte was wonderful, endearing heroine to read about and Piers, like all good historical romance novels, is a swoon-worthy, brooding, hero. The mystery lovers subplot was a nice addition as well that led to some funny scenes, and some steamy scenes. Tessa Dare does what she does best: make me laugh out loud while reading, literally. Honestly, when I saw that she made an aubergine (eggplant) reference when describing male genitalia, I think I stroked out from laughing so hard. I had to reread that page like ten times because I kept giggling and couldn’t get past that paragraph.

“However, when aroused, he will look something like this.”
From beneath the square of her linen, her mother withdrew a vegetable. A slender, curved vegetable covered in taut, gleaming, deep purple skin. Charlotte gawped in horror.

No. It could not be.
It was.

“An aubergine?”

I’m still laughing at that, okay? A wonderful read full of romance (duh), steamy scenes, witty banter, and charming characters. I can’t wait for whatever is next from Tessa Dare!

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