Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2016

I can’t believe this summer is already more than half way over! I’m super busy with work and school so I feel like the days have just flown by. While I didn’t read that many books in July, the ones I did read were all pretty good!


23299512THIS SAVAGE SONG: Once again, Schwab has proved what an incredible writer and storyteller she is. She created an amazing, convincing world with wonderful characters. The plot was creative and original and had me hooked from the synopsis. Though the book was lacking plot-wise, I was okay with the limited action since we learn a lot about the world and the monsters in it, as well as becoming well-acquainted with the two main characters, Kate and August. There was no romance in this book, which for me had both its pros and cons. It’s not very often we see YA books feature characters who have great chemistry without any romantic feelings which was a big plus. I really look forward to reading the next book! ★★★★ [review]

21839603RUTHLESS PEOPLE: I accidentally happened upon this book on Goodreads, and oh, am I ever so glad I did. This is a vicious, gritty book and I absolutely devoured it. I’m Italian-Irish and I live in Chicago. I have a small obsession for Irish guys. This book was clearly calling to me to read from the blurb. It’s full of cruel, yet lovable, characters, gang wars, violence, witty banter, and smoldering hot romance. Best random find on Goodreads ever. ★★★★★

Why didn’t I find this book sooner? Why did it sit unread on my Kindle for so long? Why can’t all Young Adult fantasy books be this awesome? Why must good books have bad covers? This book is so underrated. The writing was amazing, the setting was magical, the characters were complex and well-developed, and the plot was engaging and interesting. I read the first two back-to-back and now I just need to finish the series! ★★★★

It’s not usual that I find myself liking the second book of series better than the first, but with Torn that’s the case. There was much more going on plot-wise which made the book feel more well-rounded. The characters were just as great as they were in Wicked, and while parts of the book were predictable, it was still an easy, enjoyable read. ★★★★


26114463NEVERNIGHT: After reading so many negative reviews, I wasn’t expecting to like this, but surprisingly I enjoyed it a lot. Once you can get past the obnoxious similes, metaphors, long descriptions, and footnotes, there’s a really great story. The setting is unique and intriguing, the characters were all interesting, and the plot-when you finally get to it-drew me in until I was immersed in the story.  ★★★★ [review]


29519514BROKEN PRINCE: I was pretty disappointed with this book. As the sequel to Paper Princess, which I absolutely loved, I was looking for to this release and had high expectations. I found the plot lacking and the story too rushed. The only good part was the cliffhanger at the end. Hopefully, the next one will be much more reminiscent of the first. ★★★


28815474THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR: A fantastic thriller with a plot refreshingly different than other thrillers. Every character was complex and interesting and the writing was well-done. The story kept me guessing throughout most of the novel and just when it seemed like everything was figured out and resolved, a curveball is thrown. The ending itself earned the book an extra star. ★★★★★ [review]



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